Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

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Why professionally clean carpets and upholstery?
You probably use you carpet, couch, loveseat, chairs and/or sectionals everyday.  Imagine how much dirt, dust, and outside material is left on the things you use everyday!  Vacuums can remove a lot but not everything.  Walking on the carpet or sitting on uphosterly crushes the pollutants deep in to the fibers which makes them unreachable by vacuum cleaners.  Professional cleaning works to remove the dirt and pollutants from your fabric that has built up day after day.   If left untreated, the small particles attract dust mites which are microscopic bugs that leave behind daily waste and feces of up to 200 times their body weight.   Even though the original pollutants are embedded tight in the fibers of your fabric, body parts and "left overs" from the dust mites can easily be inhaled when the area is disturbed.

If you have allergies or breathing troubles, having your upholstery professionally cleaned can remove the allergens and harmful bacteria.

For these reasons, ​Capeway cleaners recommends professional cleaning of your carpet every 12 to 18 months.  Live and breathe easier with Capeway Cleaners!

Why choose Capeway Cleaners?

  1. You use your carpets and sofas almost everyday. Protect them by professional cleaning which will remove dirt and allergens that vacuums can't!
    Protect Your Investment
  2. We move most furniture and place plastic tabs and blocks under the furniture so the carpets will dry properly.
    We do the lifting
  3. Know that your service is backed by Capeway Cleaners, serving our area for over 30 years! We stand behind every cleaning. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or our service is free. There is nothing worse than paying for a service and not being happy or thrilled with the results. You have peace of mind always when you use us to clean your carpets and upholstery
    Piece of Mind

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